Zimbo etc.

an independent production company based in Philadelphia

Bill Viola’s The Passing (1991)

As art transcends the everyday world by extending the dimensions of existence, so film’s appearances inform our knowledge of those appearances we encounter in everyday life.

—Paul Weiss

assorted posters for Nicolas Roeg’s The Man Who Fell To Earth (1976)

Finally the first show on the internet is getting a movie!

Curry/Tomlinson Productions, 2009-2012

promotional materials, magazines, and cards featuring Olga Tschechowa (1897-1980)

This week’s recommended reading.

Robert Curry’s Tamar (2009)

Knowing what the producer can in fact produce, you won’t be surprised if it is not good, and I shall be delightfully surprised if it is.

—Actor Christopher Lee on Jess Franco’s El Conde Dracula (1969).

Jess Franco’s Marquis de Sade: Justine (1969)

Jess Franco’s Jack The Ripper (1976)

Murder & Prejudice: Snowtown

Justin Kurzel’s Snowtown (2011)